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Sealing your brick pavers from Gulf Paver Sealing not only keeps them looking new and beautiful, but provides a protective layer between the bricks and the elements. There are a number of finishes you can choose from.




Brick pavers must be maintained and sealed on a regular basis to not only protect from obvious staining, but what might not be obvious to most is the gradual fading that relegates brick pavers to the point of no return. Now, thanks to over two years of formulations, our unique staining pavers process seals brick pavers as well as color brick pavers. There is a sealing component incorporated into the brick paver staining formula.


Cleaning Brick Pavers


Brick pavers are a cement, sand, water and aggregate mixture. Some of the finest materials are used to make brick pavers therefore they do not require a harsh cleaning solution to clean them. This will only be needed if the pavers are stained heavily.


After the installation, you will find in a couple of weeks or months that your brick pavers are starting to be covered in dust, dirt, leaves and grime. If this is so, then they are in need of a general clean over. You can start this by sweeping over the pavers using a broom and removing all this excess waste. Once you have done so then you should start up your high pressured hose.


Harsh Stains on Brick Pavers


For harsh stains that have occurred such as petrol and oil stains, you are able to purchase a brick paver stain remove solution to assist you with the removing of the stains. Seek professional advice and you must make sure the surface is cleaned before you even attempt to use stain removals.


Travertine Sealing & Restoration


Travertine is characterized by winding, irregular holes in the surface, with the flats finished to varying degrees of smoothness and reflectivity. “Shell Stone” is another type of this same material with shells embedded.


If you have travertine in your home or on your property, taking care of it is important to its longevity. Travertine cleaning is tricky because the stone can be harmed by all acidic liquids and materials, ranging from soft drinks and juice to chemical cleaners and chlorine.


Travertine Sealing


Do I Need Travertine Restoration


If your travertine tiles or pavers look stained, have divits, holes, scratches, dents, mold, mildew, water penetration, or any other type of staining or discoloration then you need to restore it first before applying sealant. A commercial grade travertine sealer can only penetrate deep and cure properly if the stone is clean first, so a professional service is recommended.


How to Clean Travertine Tile Indoors & Outside


Travertine is a very soft stone, and using certain cleaning methods and chemicals can cause deterioration and premature aging of the stone. Much more delicate than other types of stone, like granite, cleaning travertine requires extra care. To clean travertine flooring tiles, only use a soft sponge or cloth – never use harsh or abrasive cleaners.


Paver Stripping & Restoration


WE specialize in Paver Stripping and Restoration of paver pool decks and driveways. We will chemically removing old ugly paver sealer that was improperly applied by another contractor or the homeowner.


Paver Sealers can enhance the natural colors of your brick and come in Matte, Semi-Gloss, and Higher Gloss shine. If a “shiny” appearance is not desired then you can just add a Non-Shiny Concrete Sealer for Protection only.


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